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Cialis: History of Erectile Dysfunction

The history of erectile dysfunction treatments dates back thousands of years, yet despite all the efforts made in treating this condition, only the last few decades have brought real success. Oral medications are the preferred treatment method for ED these days, but that was not always the case.

First Recorded Attempts

The first mentions of erectile dysfunction lie in Egyptian papyrus scrolls dating back to 2000 BC. A thousand years later, the ancient texts of the Kama Sutra mention the occurrence of ED and suggest boiling rams’ testicles in milk as the cure. By 320 BC, physicians began exploring the idea of certain plants used as aphrodisiacs, moving on to recommendations from the well-respected Pliny the Elder that included ginger, goose tongue and truffles among other remedies. In 13th century China, rings carved of jade or ivory were used to sustain unreliable erections, while witchcraft was held to blame for impotence during the same era in Europe.

Roots of Modern Treatments

In the 1800s, a French physician first came up with a suction pump device intended to produce an erection, the mechanics of which are not much different from similar devices still in use today. However, it was not until the early 1900s that Sigmund Freud first suggested the roots of erectile dysfunction may have psychological causes more so than physical. Research conducted by the famous sexologist Alfred Kinsey indicated that ED was a far more common condition than was previously realized, opening the door to treatment for countless men and their partners.

Finally, in 1983, the concept of utilizing vasodilators to induce erections in combination with sexual stimulus revolutionized erectile dysfunction treatment. This led to the development and widespread use of Cialis, currently one of the most popular oral medications available on the market today. 

Current Options

There are still a few different methods in use today for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, although oral medication remains the most effective and discreet. Inflation pumps are still used in some cases to stimulate an erection. Injections of medication may be issued directly into the penis to produce an erection as well. Permanent implants, either inflatable or malleable, present another option for treatment. Although all of these options are viable for maintaining an erection, none are successful at maintaining the romantic mood between partners, which is the main reason that Cialis and other oral medications remain the preferred method of treatment.

The treatment of erectile dysfunction has come a long way from ancient Egypt, helping men to regain their sexual capability to their fullest once again. Whether the causes of ED are physical or psychological, oral medication like Cialis remains the most popular form of treatment preferred by both partners, not to mention the most discreet.
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