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Cialis: Is Erectile Dysfunction Inevitable?

Men often think that erectile dysfunction is a natural part of aging. However, it doesn't have to be that way. Even though it is estimated that between 15 and 30 million American men have some level of the problem, it isn't a foregone conclusion.

Age does play a factor in the fact that as men get older, they are more likely to have problems with their sexual performance. Nevertheless, it is treatable with several options; one of them will probably work. As men age, their bodies go through changes and level of hormones are often altered. Their testosterone levels drop and they lose interest in being intimate; hormone therapy may help this situation.

Health changes also contribute to problems with ED. Habits that you have had for years can begin to have effects on your sexual health. Things such as smoking and drinking that never bothered you before may all of a sudden alter your ability to perform. Weight gain and health conditions such as diabetes can also affect you in this way. While this may seem like part of aging, in reality it can happen at any age. That is why it is important to talk with your doctor to determine what the cause is of your problems. It can take several attempts to get to the right treatment.

Along with medical intervention, there are several things you can do to help the situation.

Get More Sleep

Sleep apnea is often discovered in men who have erectile dysfunction. Poor sleep or not enough sleep can mess up hormones to reduce the amount of testosterone available. Getting enough sleep is important and may require the intervention of medical treatment.

Healthy Living

Men who eat healthy foods and exercise regularly are less likely to suffer from ED. They may also see benefits if they quit smoking. Medical experts associate problems with ED as an indicator of possible heart problems in the future. That is why it becomes even more important to adopt a healthy lifestyle if you haven't already done so. You can try any or all of these changes to see if you notice improvement. If not, it may be an indicator of a more serious condition that requires medical assistance.


Doctors can prescribe medication to help with the problem. While there are many choices available and some of them are lesser known, your doctor may start out with something like Cialis to see if it will help the problem.

Take Action

Don't just suffer in silence; find someone who can help you. Even if you have a problem with ED now, it doesn't mean it will always be that way. With a combination of the right lifestyle changes and medication, you can live a normal life.

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