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Cialis: Natural Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Many men and their partners may be on the search for a "natural" solution for their erectile dysfunction. Although ED is actually very common, especially as men grow older, this sensitive issue can leave men feeling self-conscious and embarrassed, not to mention reluctant to visit the doctor for a prescription. Natural remedies seem like a discreet way to resolve the issue, but can they really help?

Amino Acids

Amino acids are the body's building blocks. When there's an imbalance, problems like erectile dysfunction often manifest. Currently there are two supplements based on amino acids that are indicating positive results in men who have ED.

L-arginine facilitates enhanced blood flow to the penis by creating nitric acid, which sends signals to the muscles that surround the blood vessels to relax. Normally found in animal-based protein sources like meat, fish or poultry, L-arginine is also available in supplement form.

Byproducts of amino acids can also play a role in erection capability. Propionyl-L-carnitine and acetyl-L-carnitine are supplements that can be taken in addition to a prescription medication in order to augment sexual performance. Some men have also had success taking them on their own, without any additional supplementation.

Herbal Supplements

Herbal remedies were the very first form of medicine for ancient man, and many different supplements are available to aid in sexual function.

Ginkgo biloba, when taken internally, seems to enhance blood flow throughout the body, including within the vessels leading to the penis. The increased blood flow helps promote more sustainable and successful erections.

Another herb commonly taken to increase sexual function is Maca root, which is used to boost the male libido. Yohimbe bark from the African tree is ground into a powder to be used in capsule form in the hopes of increasing penile blood flow as well as stamina and libido. Ashwagandha is another supplement that is purported to increase both sex drive and stamina.

While some men are finding success through herbal treatments, there are very few double-blind clinical trials conducted on the use of these supplements. The herbal marketing industry is not regulated by the FDA the way prescription treatments like Cialis are, and their effectiveness and safety are not fully tested through the usual medical channels.

Lifestyle Changes

Erectile dysfunction often has its roots in a combination of emotional and physical issues, so men who address lifestyle concerns may find that the sexual issues resolve themselves on their own. For example, high stress levels can negatively impact sexual performance, so practicing stress-relieving techniques can make a difference in the bedroom. Obesity and other medical issues can also dampen sex drive and functionality, so taking care of your physical health is also important.

Keep in mind that if natural treatments aren't helping your condition, there are still many prescription options available to you, like Cialis. Medical studies indicate that Cialis is the safest, most effective and least expensive option available on the market today to help men resolve their problems with erectile dysfunction.

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