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Cialis: Psychological Effects of Erectile Dysfunction

Although the most obvious symptoms of erectile dysfunction are physical, manifesting in problems maintaining or achieving erections and other sexual performance issues, the emotional impact ED has on both partners in a sexual relationship can be devastating.

Complex Symptoms

It's upsetting for men when they are having problems maintaining erections that are suitable for sexual intercourse. They may feel embarrassed, frustrated or emasculated by their changes in sexual function. It's very common for men to strongly connect their sexual prowess with their confidence levels and their feelings of masculinity. Failure to perform as they feel they should can be unsettling, and even emasculating.

Since erectile dysfunction, even when caused by physical issues, often leads to the development of emotional issues such as stress or anxiety, these can worsen over time. The increased mental strain leads to even more performance problems, creating a vicious circle. If the issues continue without treatment and worsen, the impact can quickly become overwhelming to both the patient himself and his sexual partner.

Seeking early treatment for erectile dysfunction by using oral medication like Cialis can help reverse the damaging cycle of psychological issues. Although many men delay seeking outside help, hoping the problems will go away on their own, this can end up causing more harm than good. Consulting a doctor can be challenging, since sexual function for men is often so closely related to feelings of self-esteem and having problems with sexual function can feel like an embarrassment. However, over half of all men over the age of 50 have experienced ED to a greater or lesser extent, making it a very common condition.

If seeking treatment continues getting put off, the emotional distress and related problems over erectile dysfunction will only continue worsening. If left untreated, for example, depression over sexual performance may evolve into clinical depression. Anxiety and stress may grow into anxiety disorders or social withdrawal, and mental health concerns may soon impact multiple areas of the patient's life outside the bedroom.

Treatment Can Help

Cialis is able to help men suffering from ED and their partners in a unique way by breaking the cycle of psychological symptoms. This vasodilator offers these men the opportunity to enjoy sexual activity once again, minus any anxiety over whether they may or may not have performance issues. Returning the sexual relationship to the close connection it once was rather than a source of frustration and stress rapidly restores self-confidence. Soon, this feeling of well-being can extend to many aspects of your life, including restoring the strained relationship with your partner.

When men feel positive again about their sexual performance and their romantic relationship, this spreads to a positive outlook at work and at home. Energy levels may increase along with mood, improving life in almost every way. Turning your life around by incorporating Cialis as your primary treatment for ED can make the difference you've been looking for.

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