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Cialis: Sexual Performance and Being Overweight

Being overweight is associated with many health problems, one of them being a man's sexual performance. It is listed as one of the causes of erectile dysfunction and can inhibit or even prevent intimacy with their partner. So, exactly how does it affect this area of their lives?

Causes Lack of Self Confidence

Being overweight can lower men's self-confidence. They can be embarrassed by the way they look and how they think others see them. Even if they have a wife or girlfriend, it can concern them about how she views them. This psychological issue is a result of being overweight and can cause them not to enjoy being intimate. Their focus becomes more inward about their physical appearance instead of enjoying the person they are with.

Physical Issues

Obesity is not just a mental problem, but a physical one as well. It is a leading contributor to diabetes, which is linked to erectile dysfunction. Even in the beginning stages, insulin resistance can interfere with this area. Another problem caused by being overweight is that it leads to high cholesterol, which also affects sexual performance.

A person with high cholesterol often has plaque building up on the insides of their arteries to limit the flow of blood to the areas of the body, which is an essential component for an erection. A lack of blood flow can imply that the arteries are becoming clogged and needs to be checked out. It is important to get these issues checked out with a doctor right away to rule out any more serious health problems. Erectile dysfunction can indicate heart disease and early detection can prevent a heart attack.

What Can You Do?

It is important to exercise on a regular basis, even if it is just by taking a walk every day for 30 minutes. Also learn to eat healthy foods and work to lose some of the excess weight. As you begin to take better care of your body, you will have more confidence in how you look. When your partner notices and compliments you, it will give you a big boost to your ego.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with the right food and exercise program will also improve any medical effects from being overweight. This can lead to better sexual performance and more enjoyment. You can also ask your doctor if Cialis might be right for you to aid in preventing erectile dysfunction.

While many men do not like to talk about the issues with erectile dysfunction, it is important to discuss this situation with your doctor to rule out and prevent more serious issues. In the meantime, Cialis can help you enjoy special moments with your partner to maintain that closeness.

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