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Cialis: What is Erectile Dysfunction?

The diagnosis of erectile dysfunction, or ED, is determined when erections cannot be achieved or maintained over 50 percent of the time. Although changes in sexual capability are the most obvious physical manifestation of ED, additional symptoms like lowered sex drive are also typical. Erectile dysfunction can be emotionally damaging to both partners within a sexual relationship, and may be caused either by physical or psychological issues.

Physical Causes of ED

There are several physical conditions that can impact the development of erectile dysfunction. For example, circulatory problems and heart disease are both common culprits in ED cases. Health conditions that may negatively impact circulation, such as diabetes, can also affect sexual health. For an erection to develop and be sustained, adequate blood flow is vital.

Additional health problems can also impact sexual capability, like obesity. This is often due to the many secondary health problems (such as circulatory disorders) that arise due to excess weight. Prostate enlargement or removal can also impede erection capability. Major injuries sustained to the genital area or the spinal cord can also prevent an erection. Also, drug and alcohol abuse and other poor lifestyle choices are commonly factors in reduced sexual function.

Psychological Causes of ED

In addition to physical factors, psychological issues often play a part in male sexuality. A heavy amount of stress at work or at home, unhappiness in a current romantic relationship, or mental health concerns like anxiety or depression can all lead to the development of erectile dysfunction. It’s also possible that men may develop emotional problems as a result of their struggle with erectile dysfunction, which only exacerbates the issue. This can make symptom and cause difficult to separate; however, treatment with Cialis is effective in men with ED regardless of the cause of their condition.

Primary Treatments
There are a variety of treatments available for treating erectile dysfunction. Shots may be injected directly into the penis for immediate effect, although some patients (and their sexual partners) may feel this method a bit intrusive. There are also mechanical aids available like suction pumps that can coax a functional erection. Additional steps may also help improve sexual function, such as losing weight or making lifestyle changes to reduce stress load. Sometimes, if the underlying physical or psychological stressor is removed, sexual function returns on its own without additional intervention.

Most patients prefer the simplicity and effectiveness of an oral medication like Cialis. By increasing the blood flow, this vasodilator allows for a reliable erection to occur upon sexual stimulus, delivering a solution to erectile dysfunction that doesn’t take away the romance. Although there are different treatment methods for ED depending on whether the causes are physically-based or have their roots in psychological issues, Cialis has proven to be extremely effective, as well as less expensive than other treatments.

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