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Cialis for daily use & the 36-hour one

Competition is a wonderful force for the benefit of consumers. Once someone invents something new and shows there's money to be made, other manufacturers try to reproduce the work. Remember there's no kopi in the idea. A patent only protects the actual form the idea takes. So, when the little blue pills began to earn tens of millions in profit, the other pharmaceutical companies began work. Cialis emerged from the FDA testing process just over five years later. One feature was immediately obvious. Whereas the little blue pills only produced sexual responsiveness for about five hours, Cialis gave men thirty-six hours of sexual activity for one pill. Put another way, even very small amounts of Cialis would produce the desired result.

This produced further research. The original launch had sold Cialis as an as-needed drug. Whenever you expect sexual activity, you can take Cialis and are ready whenever the opportunity presents itself. This works well in casual dating or a weekend away. But many men are in stable relationships and prefer immediate response on a 24/7 basis. The research eventually satisfied the FDA and there's a once-daily version of Cialis on the market. This is a very low dosage pill, taken at the same time every day and allowing sexual activity no matter when the opportunity arises. To ensure fairness, the prices have been adjusted so the pills cost the same whether you take them as-needed or once-daily.

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